Q: Do you install the devices on site?
A: Usually, no. The works to be done on site are not very demanding and they rest with the user or his showcase producer (a USB stick with a comprehensive installation and user guide is added to every delivery). We are certainly happy to help, if questions arise or in special circumstances.

Q: Which accessories are there, which do I need?
A: Numerous accessories and options are available for you to bring your EBC in line with any specific requirements, like larger reservoir bottles, distribution boxes for running one EBC on several showcases at once, air filters, equipment for hooking your EBC to your local LAN/Wifi etc. If what we have still won’t meet your expectations, purpose-made solutions can be worked out as well. We will gladly brief you in detail, just call or write.

Q: Do I need to have fresh water supply/wastewater drains for your devices?
A: No (except for purpose-made solutions). EBC10, -11 and -12 are equipped with reservoir bottles, while the EBCeasy works without any water at all.

Q: How and where are maintenance works carried out? Who do I have to turn to?
A: Your first contact is always the company where you purchased the EBC – that can be us or a showcase producer or one of our int’l partners. Any maintenance works to be done by us usually take place on our premises (in Austria), which means, the device (but no pipes, cables, or any other accessories) has to be de-installed and shipped. Free substitution units for bridging these times are mostly available for clients within the EU.

Q: Is it possible to link your devices to local networks/systems?
A: We offer standard equipment for LAN/Wifi, ditto for networks using Modbus/ASCII protocol. Other solutions on request.

Q: Who do I turn to for further questions, to request a quote or to place an order?
A: You can turn directly to us or to one of these international sources of supply.

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